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Role Play

Role play is always a bit of fun.

If you enjoy it as much as I  do, I welcome you to script a scenario for us to share.
Or if you're not exactly the creative type, I could be responsible for it too.

Some of my favorites are:


You're failing my class terribly, but you absolutely have to  pass.

Lonely homemaker waiting for the repairman or maybe a delivery. 

Your best friends naughty mom or maybe a colleagues wife.

I prefer a 90 minute commitment ($400) when we're planning on a role play. 

It's tough to really enjoy one with only an hour, particularly if we haven't met before.  


I realize that due to other commitments, ninety minutes may sometimes not be feasible. 

In that instance,  I suppose we could settle on an hour ($350). 

I promise to try to make it just as much fun.

Important Note:

The expected consideration for a Mother/Son - Aunt/Nephew taboo role plays are a little different.

Click below for specifics. 

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