Role Play

 Role play is always a bit of fun.
If you enjoy it as much as I  do, I welcome you to script a scenario for us to share.
Or if you prefer, that could be my responsibility too:
Maybe you're the failing student who just has to pass my class.
Possible I'm your best friends sexy mom.
Or the demanding boss.
Perhaps you're the inexperienced young man and I, your mature "tutor".
I usually ask that special friends commit to a ninety minute visit ($350).
It's tough to really enjoy a role play visit in just one hours' time.

However,  I do realize that due to other commitments, ninety minutes may not be feasible.
In that instance,  I suppose we could settle on an hour ($300).
I promise to try to make it just as much fun.

© 2019 & 2020 By Celeste Manchester & Jason Wong

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