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I was really conflicted about creating this page as a gatekeeper so to speak.  
But I've had to accept the fact that sometimes in our eagerness & excitement we don’t always read all the way to the end.  
Hopefully putting some of my concerns further out front will make it easier.


If Currency...

An unsealed envelope left in plain sight is the best way to handle the gift.  

Please don't hand the envelope to me directly, the fantasy is lost that way. 

Remember, a little privacy is appreciated so that I can put the envelope away. 

It's a great time to go wash your hands.

Or if at your place, for me to go wash mine.


If Electronic/Digital...

The donation must be conveyed being before being invited into my safe space.

Or before I leave that space for yours.


Sessions scheduled earlier than 9:30am or later than 10:00pm do require a deposit of $100.

Other than that, I don’t have any immediate plans to begin  requiring deposits when scheduling. 

But remember, in the event of a same day cancellation, a gift is always appreciated.


I like to role-play, to try new things, and I love a great restaurant.  


Find out more on the subsequent pages.  


Looking Forward To Meeting You Soon



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