I Won't Tell If You Don't

  I offer erotic companionship to gentleman who appreciate maturity, good conversation, seduction, and sin.  I do not offer "services".  In fact, I don't even know what that means.  I will say this, I'm fairly open minded and I enjoy many things.  I love to say "yes".  And I hate to say "no".  Just an FYI, I'm not entirely unfamilair with Athens, Santorini, and Rhodes.  I love to be in charge.  And I love to be told what to do.  That said, there are some things that are so outraegous that they may be even out of my league.
I do have review profiles on Erotic Monkey and AdultLook.  If perusing  those  don't answer most of your questions,
and I'm reasonably sure that you're serious about meeting soon, I am willing to discuss the things I like as well as those things that I don't  enjoy via text, or email.  But not on the phone.  
Also, please understand that monies and/or anything else of value given are gifts from you to me and not some sort of quid pro quo in exchange for sexual favors.  
I should probably take a moment to mention that if I can't determine to my satisfaction that you are who you claim to be via some manner, whether it be through references, P411, RS2K, Whitelist referrals, employment verification, LinkedIn, Google, an established  reviewer history, or some other manner, I will not be inviting you over.  Period.  Also, as an  fyi, no... I will not be meeting you in a public place so that you can "prove" to me how nice a guy you are.  Teddy Bundy and Donnie Brasco were "nice guys" too.

© 2019 & 2020 By Celeste Manchester & Jason Wong

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