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I prefer that your first contact be via the Meet Me page or by email.  I never take phone calls from numbers I don't recognize, or from callers whose calls I'm not expecting.



Texting is fine too.  But please include your name, age, ethnicity, and what you do in your introductory text.


If calling is your only option, please leave a voicemail with with the same information as you would in a text, but remember to include when I may call you back  and/or if there is a time I absolutely should not try to do so.


Please remember that I will neither engage in explicit conversation nor will I make promises regarding any sort of quid pro quo.


Verification/screening will is required and can usually be accomplished through any combination of references, active board memberships, social media, or  personal information.  You can find a list of things that might work on the next page.  I can send it to you as well.


An unsealed envelope left in plain sight is a great way to handle the donation.  Please don't hand the envelope to me directly.  It would be great if you gave me a little privacy just then so I can put it safely away.  Hey, it might be a good time to wash your hands!


Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the early termination of our time together.


Minty breath and shower freshness are very important.  My shower is yours should you need it.  Try to let me know in advance.


I respect the personal choices of every individual.  However possession and/or use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated in my presence.  Failure to respect that boundary will result in the immediate termination of our time together.

If you’re going to partake in 420 before visiting (that is smoke weed, a doobie, a joint, grass, dope, reefer, ganja, hash, or the chronic), please make sure that neither you nor your clothing makes that evident.  The pungency of the aroma is a definite migraine trigger for me.  Also, while I suppose it is thoughtful, no I don’t want to share your brownies or your gummies either.  But thank you. 


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