Customary Tribute

As a touring companion the gift I ask often depends on the cost of my stay in your city. 
Hotel rates  can vary scandalously depending on the city and occupancy levels.
Sometimes I find it necessary to adjust the expected tribute.
But the tribute below is accurate.
The customary  tributes are:
$250 for the hour
$350 for a 90 minute visit
$500 for two hours
Please remember to add $50 to cover transportation if we're meeting at your hotel. 
I'm not currently available for residential outcalls.
Extended visits will be considered on an individual basis.
I mention this again on the Etiquette Page, but an unsealed envelope left in plain sight is the best way to handle the gift.  Also, please don't hand the envelope to me. The fantasy is lost that way.
Remember, a little privacy is appreciated so that I can put the envelope away.
It's a great time to go wash your hands.
I like to role-play, like to try new things, and I love to eat.
Fantasy play dates, many fetishes, and dinner engagements are possible. 

Details found on the subsequent pages.
Don't be shy, I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.
Celeste R Manchester

© 2019 & 2020 By Celeste Manchester & Jason Wong

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